My Experience Will Motivate You


My Experience Will Motivate You

For the longest time I held myself back on social media.

Along the way I’ve also made some big mistakes and at times posted rubbish.

There are some reasons for this. Not excuses- reasons.

At the beginning of working online, about 6 years ago, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I joined a network marketing company that sold silver and I didn’t even know what network marketing was.

Because of my lack of knowledge and experience I buried every skill I’d ever gained as a Social Worker.   AND those of a successful woman in business that rose to the ranks of Executive Director, Board Member and Shareholder of a company. Part of which I began in my kitchen.

Besides work experience I also buried my life experience. I am a wife, Mother, grandmother and in the past been through divorce. Plus, I’m in my sixties and gathered a bit of wisdom.

All this flew out the window when I began working online.

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